Hell Toupee

(Lyrics and Music)

Don’t send the kids out to play.
I’m putting on the hell toupee!
Gonna take it out for a walk today.
Unleashing the hell toupee!

Is all your hair going away?
Get yourself the hell toupee!
It doesn’t need to match the grey.
Wearing out the hell toupee!

Tell it to come, make it stay.
Just try to train the hell toupee!
Get one new or adopt a stray.
Get yourself some hell toupee!

Use it to clean your ash tray.
You’ve got some hell toupee!
Cook up some fish fillet.
Serve it to the hell toupee!

Good times are here today.
Celebrate with the hell toupee!
Stack it up in the dinner tray.
Just don’t eat the hell toupee!

Catch yourself some UV rays.
Bring along the hell toupee!
Have too much fun anyway.
You’ve got some hell toupee!

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