Just Another Song

Lyrics & Music

(Chorus 1)
So come on, and sing along
It’s just another song

(Verse 1)
So grab my heart, baby rip it away
Don’t worry about me
I’m hardened now, my decision won’t sway
Someday I’ll be free
You came along and set me on fire
Now, I’m just burned
You played games, with my desire
Yeah, you’re not concerned

(Chorus 2)
I’m just another guy, just another body
Just another medal to hang on the wall
Just another fool, with a mouth dried with lust
In the arid desert left to crawl

(Verse 2)
Just another song of anger and frustration
To list on the sleeve
I suppose you’d like an explanation
It’s not yet conceived
It’s this game – this game you’re playing
There ain’t no way to win
There’s no beginning and no end
And it goes over again and again

(Chorus 3)
It’s just another song, just another measure
Just another eighth note and a dotted half
Just another day not packed with pleasure
Just another reason for another laugh

Chorus 1 x 4

Chorus 3

Just another guy, another body, another fool, another place
Just another reason, another laugh, another eighth note, a dotted half
Just another day, not packed with pleasure, just another measure
Just another song

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