Mother Of Exiles

Lyrics & Music

I’ll run away
Get away from here
And disappear
You’ll never hurt me again
You’ll never hurt me…again

(Verse 1)
Exiled away from home
To the streets to roam
Doesn’t know how to fight
Danger stricken fright

You haven’t had quite a misfortune
His head is filled with distortion
Been unhappy for quite a while
Looking for the mother of exiles

(Verse 2)
Frightened, scared to death
Having one wish
Running out of breath
Chased by an iron fist


(Verse 3)
You don’t know what it’s like
You can’t even guess
When you’re running from home


You can make it
If you’ve got the will
Real solutions never come
In a bottle, bag, or pill
Or cutting
Or burning
Or starving
Or binging and purging

Or sex
Or false pride
Or money
Or suicide

You can run
But you can’t hide
It takes a lot of work
To heal the pain you feel inside

The nightmares will go on
But you’ll grow strong
Slowly you’ll heal
And more will be revealed

So, don’t give up
Don’t give up (3x)

(Verse 4)
In spite of your messed-up mind
I think that you’ll find
After looking for a while
You’ll find the mother of exiles

Don’t give up
(Don’t hurt yourself)
Don’t give up
(You’re too good to waste)
Don’t give up
(You can make it)
Don’t give up (3x)
(Don’t give up)

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