Reach Out For A Hand

Lyrics & Music

(Verse 1)
Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to
I don’t understand why
I spend time wondering what to do
I even wanted to die

(Verse 2)
Now I must leave this pain behind me
And hope things will work out
The future feels so very dark to me
I wonder what this is about

(Verse 3)
Why does happiness seem so far away?
No one seems to care
And I didn’t even want to stay
It just wasn’t fair

(Bridge 1)
It just wasn’t fair.

(Verse 4)
It’s time to step towards my goals
And do the best I can
What the future brings, no one knows
I’ll reach out for a hand

(Verse 5)
It’s time to stay in touch with now
And I’ll get through it
My life improved and I know how
I must stick to it

(Verse 6)
I didn’t know that I was so ill
I just couldn’t understand
That I can recover if I will
Reach out for a hand

(Bridge 2)
I’ll reach out for a hand.


Verse 6

I’ll reach out for a hand. (x2)

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