Urban Clutter

Lyrics & Music

(Verse 1)
Another day, another penny
Another headache, another sigh
You got a dollar, you could lend me?
Get me some booze, to get me by

(Verse 2)
I smell like urine, live in the gutter
This is where, I’m gonna die
I’m a fixture, of urban clutter
I need more liquor, my bottle’s dry

(Verse 3)
I go to detox, shake and vomit
Get the snakes, off my back
I get out, and it’s the same world
I took a swig, and now I’m back

(Verse 4)
I had a good job, I had a family
I looked down, on bums like me
Now I got nothing, I beg for money
Urban clutter, is all I’ll be

Urban Clutter


Verse 1
Verse 2

Urban clutter (x3)
Just urban clutter (x2)

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