After hearing “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones in 1981, I became interested in rock music. When I started listening to my local AOR format radio station, I began to discover hard rock and heavy metal music that really resonated with me. I started writing songs and sketching custom electric guitars when I was 12 years-old and saved my paper route money to by my first guitar at age 14.

After having difficulty getting bands together and keeping them together, I learned how to play bass, program drums, and do multitrack recording by the time I was 18 years-old. I did play in a couple of bands in my early 20’s, but still had trouble keeping bands together, so I recorded a solo album in 1995 and released it in early 1996.

Music from that first album started trending on Reverb Nation in 2013 and I produced a music video for one of the songs. With the new interest in my music, I felt inspired to produce a new album with best songs I have written in the last 32 years. I am very proud of the powerful and moving songs that I have created and recorded for the “Back To The Basics” album.

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