Radical Dude Is Imaginary

Lyrics & Music

All you want to talk about is spontaneous evolution,
Mandatory masturbation,
Political execution.
You want to know everything about every situation,
Unconcentrated concentration,
Unrelated relations.

You need to learn about metric decimation,
Foreign countries in our nation,
Apathist’s participation.
Maybe I don’t understand the destructiveness of creation,
Implicit integration,
Trigonometric differentiation.

We really don’t understand the density of the condition,
Or recognize recognition,
Or exercise exorcision.
I need to get myself free from emancipation,
Enjoy my incarceration,
FBI interrogation.


I need to find a way to depreciate appreciation,
Incinerate combustion,
Invalidate evaluations.
What I really know for sure is radical dude is imaginary,
A blindfolded visionary,
Look it up in the dictionary.

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