Back To The Basics Album

In 2013, tracks from the Xavier Xerxes debut album began trending on Reverb Nation (a major music site). Inspired by renewed interest in his music, Xavier Xerxes announced in September of 2013 that he was going to record a second album. This album was going to be made with a back to the basics approach and contain the best songs Xavier Xerxes had written in his life. This time, the lyrics were going to more serious and engage the listener very much on an emotional level. The music would be straight forward old school/classic heavy metal using even time signatures and standard guitar tunings.

Production for the “Back To The Basics” album began in October of 2013 and was completed in July of 2014.

I have successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of CDs. The CD manufacturing is now complete and the Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled. The album was officially released on October 1, 2014! Links to purchase it are below!

Tracks from the Back To The Basics album

(Click on song for lyrics and music):

  1. Opening Prelude/Manic Day
  2. A Lost Winner
  3. Back To The Basics
  4. Urban Clutter
  5. Mother Of Exiles
  6. Facing The Battle
  7. Another Mother’s Crying
  8. Scary Prelude
  9. So Many Days in Hell
  10. Just Another Song
  11. Reach Out For A Hand
  12. Standing On Broken Dreams

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Xavier Xerxes: Back to the Basics

Xavier Xerxes “Back To The Basics” CD cover art:

Xavier Xerxes Back To The Basics Album Cover
Xavier Xerxes Back To The Basics Album Cover

Xavier Xerxes talks about the “Back To The Basics” album and compares it to his debut album.