Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Xavier Xerxes pronounced?
ANS: ZAY-vee-er ZERK-sees.

Q: Is Xavier Xerxes a group?
ANS: No, Xavier Xerxes is an individual who plays all of the instruments.

Q: How does one guy play all of the instruments?
ANS: Using multitrack recording techniques (record the drum track then guitar etc.).

Q: How long has Xavier Xerxes been playing guitar?
ANS: I started playing guitar in 1983.

Q: Does Xavier Xerxes have any formal musical training?
ANS: Only in high school chorus class (vocal).

Q: Why can’t I figure out the chords on several of the Xavier Xerxes tracks?
ANS: Xavier Xerxes uses odd guitar tunings and strange (or impossible) chords may result.
Try using DADEAB or DADEAC#.

Q: Was a synthesizer used on “Xerx Me“?
ANS: Not really. An effect called a vocoder was used on that track and several others. The vocoder is an effect on the Boss SE-70 multiprocessor. It allows the input of a microphone to modulate the guitar signal.

Q: Where did Xavier Xerxes learn to play guitar so wildly?
ANS: Xavier Xerxes is a self-taught guitarist. Why be normal?

Q: Where do the wacky lyrics to “Huh?” come from?
ANS: Not from this planet! No really, they were influenced by radio personalities Otis XII and Diver Dan Doomey and conversations with friends from junior high.

Q: Who are the gray ones in “Gray Ones Vs. the Fast Food Giant“?
ANS: Extra-terrestrial beings (Aliens). Who else?

Q: Why can’t I ask questions?
ANS: One of my favorite tracks.

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