Integrate Album

The recording was completed on 5/30/2017! I set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the copyright, distribution, and licensing fees. Please check it out & SHARE!

A new Xavier Xerxes album will be released this summer! The title for this album is “Integrate” because this album will have tracks that combine many genres and required me to integrate skills with composition for classical style orchestration and the more improvisational style of composition I use for rock/metal/pop etc. Also, I can also use the scary mathematical symbols of integral calculus on the cover art (see below)! 🙂 Since I had some tracks made that were outside the genre that I usually work in, I decided to dig through my back-list of songs/compositions that could work for this kind of an atypical collection. Lyrical subject matter goes from very serious, to silly. Here is a tentative list of the songs for this album:

  1. Out of Control (fast tempo frenetic progressive metal) – Done.
  2. To Ludicrous Speed (guitar solo instrumental) – Done.
  3. Computer God (Black Sabbath cover – moderate tempo Old-school metal) – Done.
  4. Ready For Anything (moderate/lively tempo hard rock) – Done.
  5. The Shadows Cast (moderate tempo old-school metal) – Done.
  6. Mosh Pit Polka (satirical humor + fast tempo metal) – Done!
  7. Pugly (math rock instrumental) – Done.
  8. This Song Sucks (humor – disco/dance style) – Done.
  9. Neptunian Tapioca Dwarf Boogie (progressive rock instrumental) – Done.
  10. Up Your Game (collaboration with DLS Beats – urban pop) – Done.
  11. DADEAB Pi (new age solo guitar instrumental – fairly mellow) – Done.
  12. Time To Heal (ballad) – Done.
  13. Epic Daydream (progressive psychedelic folk rock symphonic metal epic) – Done.

Here’s the CD cover art!

Xavier Xerxes Integrate Album Cover Art
Xavier Xerxes Integrate Album Cover Art