Opening Prelude/Manic Day

Lyrics & Music

(Opening Prelude)
Well hello!
It’s time for some Xavier Xerxes heavy metal!

(Verse 1)
Got so many things
To tear apart
New ideas to try
Projects to start

(Verse 2)
I do more in an hour
Than most people do all year
I have the power
To overcome my fear

It’s a manic day
Goes by so fast
There ain’t no way
For me to finish last
It’s a manic day
Just like the rest
It ain’t ok
If it ain’t the best
It’s a manic day

(Verse 3)
I live to work
And I work to live
‘Cause if I stick with it
Something’s got to give

(Verse 4)
So I get up early
Wipe the sleep from my eye
Don’t know where it leads me
But I’ve gotta try




It’s a manic day

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