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Gravitational waves
Are disturbances of
Curvature of spacetime
By accelerated masses

Propagate as waves
Outward from their source
At the speed of light
At the speed of light

Gravitational waves
Can be detected with
Laser interferometry
Massive in scale

(Chorus 1)
Built a mean interferometer
We’re gonna find gravitational waves

LIGO’s giant arms
4 kilometers long
Power recycling mirrors
Laser light goes 1,200 km

World’s most sensitive device
Measures subatomic size
Amplifying vibrations
From gravitational waves

Gravitational waves
Put lasers out of phase
Light goes to a photocell
That is the signal

(Chorus 2)
Built a mean interferometer
Laser light is gonna ride on gravitational waves


September 2015
A signal pinged
First black hole merger observed
Binary black holes confirmed

December 2015
Another signal pinged
Another black hole merger event
Binary black holes may be frequent

August 2017
Alarms did ring
Neutron stars merger observed
Electromagnetic waves confirm

Chorus 2
(Chorus 3)
Got a mean interferometer
Laser light is gonna surf on gravitational waves

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