Thought Experiment 2: Thinking In Spherical Coordinates

Lyrics & Music

I was there all day again…as usual
In the parametrically advanced physics research laboratory
Just me and a bunch of highly specialized pieces
Of scientific equipment and a computer named “Crash”

I was thinking in spherical coordinates again

I was able to prove using an animated three-dimensional graphic
That the World Series actually diverges
Then I went on to prove mathematically
That I had no life (at least to 46 decimal places)

I was saving my work to disk when the power went out
It was very dark and all I could see
Was a lit sign that said “Exit”
But I could not remember what was behind that door

Since Crash was – I decided to venture out
Behind door number “Exit”
In the name of science
Or Spider-man (depending upon how you want to look at it)

I went out the door and looked around
The absence of animal life disturbed me
(Well, there were a few cockroaches and Keith Richards)
Where is everybody? Is there something good on TV?

I went to the newspaper machine
To check my local listings
The World Series was scheduled for now.
All of a sudden, I felt ill

The World Series is diverging!
I calculated the momentum of baseball fans so precisely
That according to Heisenberg,
They could be anywhere

It’s been a long day and I’m having trouble
Thinking in spherical coordinates
So if I calculate the energy of baseball fans precisely enough
That according to Heisenberg, I can solve this problem anytime

Well, that’s lunch.

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