Mosh Pit Polka

Lyrics & Music

Smash your head
Into me
Break my arm
Make me bleed

Run in circles
Bang your head
Paramedics take me out
On a sled

My parents got
Insurance on me
I live in the room
Of emergency

Now all the nurses
Know my name
They’ll never be
Quite the same

Chorus (2x)
I’m in the Polka
Mosh pit
So happy
I could spit

Solo 1

My hair is all
Soaked with sweat
But I’m not
Injured yet

I’ll do a stage dive
On the crowd
Pass me around and
Make mom proud

I am having
Such a blast
I’m gonna need a
Body cast

Go to the hospital
For a spin
Heal up and
Do it again

Chorus 2 (2x):
Back in the polka
Mosh pit
So happy
I could spit

Solo 2

I want my mommy!

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