The Shadows Cast

Lyrics & Music

The places I’ve been
Were so dark
I can’t describe
The pain in my heart
Sometimes nightmares
Take me back
To times that cast shadows so black

In the nightmare
I was 10 years old
World on my shoulders
Nowhere to turn
I no longer live
In that hell
But subconsciously that hell still burns

The shadows cast
Go on in time
So dark and long
In my mind
I no longer feel
So afraid
But oh the price I have paid

Sometimes I feel broken
But I get by
My eyes get soaked in
The tears I cry
I’m no longer
Obsessed with suicide
But sometimes I feel dead inside

There is progress
I can track
Two steps forward
One step back
There is one thing I think
You should know
The process is painful and slow



The shadows (x3)

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